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Candida is a kind of yeast that is found in various parts of the human body such as the mouth, digestive tract and the genitals. A candida diet is really beneficial if you want to get rid of the yeast when it grows in an uncontrollable manner and causes a lot of problems in your body. When the yeast growth goes out of control, it can lead to various symptoms like mood swings, headaches, fatigue, depression, sinus congestion, fogginess and cravings for foods like breads and sweets. The candida in your body is controlled by the probiotic bacteria and your immune system. If you are in the habit of taking antibiotics often, they tend to reduce your immunity strength. People with les immunity power are known to suffer from the candida infection.

How to remove the yeast infection

A candida cleanse can help you to get rid of the yeast from your body. First, ensure that your colon is functioning well. Various colon cleanse products are available in the market. Cleansing can be done from about 2-6 weeks. It is a healthy way to get rid of the toxins build up in your body. The toxins get accumulated due to various reasons like stress, unhealthy eating, pesticides, pollution and irregular eating habits.


An anti-fungal supplement like grapefruit seed extract or oregano oil should be taken to kill the yeast. Take the supplements according to the instructions given on the label. Most often, it is recommended to eat one capsule daily for some days initially and then increase the amount to about 5-8 capsules daily. This should be followed for about two weeks.


After the two weeks, you should start consuming a probiotic. It can be purchased from your local drug store or health food store. Probitotics are necessary because they contain the healthy bacteria that are beneficial for your body. You can also take a fiber or psyllium shake daily for additional benefits. The psyllium functions like a sponge and absorbs all the waste materials from your body. All the waste materials are easily expelled out along with this fiber during the bowel movements.


Following a candida diet is also an ideal way to get rid of the yeast from the body with the help of foods that prevent the growth of the yeast. Before choosing the candida cleanse products, it is better to consult your doctor and choose the best. Cleansing or detoxification will help you to get rid of the candda and also enhance your overall energy levels greatly.

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