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Omega 3 is found in large amount in fish oil in the form of essential fatty acids which is a necessity for the proper functioning of your brain and also for your normal growth and proper development. These fish oils are being eaten as a vital ingredient in curing various heart related issues like cholesterol, maintaining uniform blood pressure, weight loss supplements and also to minimize the risk of heat related issues including stroke. These fish oil supplements are also helpful for all those sufferers of Rheumatoid arthritis by reducing their syndromes considerably. Usually these omega 3 taken as fish oils can be consumed at any time during your meal, although some meal times are necessary to be maintained for proper health. If you are not filling any extra benefits from these weight loss supplements, try to connect with your health practitioner and take health tips that the fish oil containing these omega 3 supplements are truly beneficial for your health or not.


Fish oil supplies a large amount of fatty Omega 3 acids to the body. The lower the body's production of triglycerides, leads to coronary disease and possible heart attacks and strokes. Fish oil is most often purchased in the dietary supplement section of your store and comes in capsule form. Just give a look below the following steps being illustrated below about your best time to take these fish oil throughout the day. These times are:

Meal Times

The common complain made by every second person who intake these omega 3 acids present in various fish oil is about their untimely gulps and burps. If you too are suffering from these awkward side effects, intake the weight loss supplements before your meal time. These before meal times are perfect for buffering out unwanted fish odor which is mixed with the fish oil eaten by you containing omega 3 fatty acids, good for your health.

Intake after freezing of fish oil

These fish oil should be taken after freezing in cold storage so as to kill the bad odor found in these fishes. When these frozen weight loss supplements are being taken after they are properly frozen will surely dissolve slowly inside your stomach and are helpful in reducing various unpleasant noticeable side effects. When you are purchasing a dietary omega 3 fish oil supplements, it’s advised to read carefully the various fish oil labels containing different methodology of freezing these supplements.

Intake after medical practitioner’s advice

When you are taking these omega 3 fatty acids present in your fish oils, you will notice that these different selling counters are selling these weight loss supplements without any valid prescription. But, to be remains in the safer side, these supplements should be taken after your medical practitioner’s advice, after knowing the possible side effects. These omega 3 fatty acids are natural blood solvent which can easily affect in blood clotting at times. Another negative side effect of the fish oil, if taken too much, is skin brushing and internal bleedings. Thus, some medicated drugs like aspirin should be taken along with these fish oil supplements. Your medical practitioner would suggest not to intake these weight loss supplements if you have any chronic heart disease or suffer fro irregular heart beats at times.

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